Friday Hacks #212

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Date/Time: Friday, October 29 at 7:00pm
Venue: Online on Zoom
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Crisis Management Modelling and Simulation

Talk Description:

This talk will introduce Modelling and Simulation, and how it has been applied in many areas such as military, traffic, and crisis simulation. In particular, it will focus on crisis simulation. An important aspect of crisis simulation is the accurate simulation of human behaviour during such times of crisis. A Conscious Movement Model to dynamically model human behaviour during crisis is introduced. We also introduce a method to train the model through pedestrian tracking from video footage. The trained model can then be applied to the simulation model for a more accurate simulation of the crisis.

Speaker Profile:

Gary Tan is Associate Professor at the Dept of Computer Science, and is also Vice Dean of Student Life. He has been working in Modelling and Simulation for the past 25 years and has focused on Traffic Simulation and Crisis Management Simulation.

Mohd Shalihin is a Ph.D candidate under the supervision of Gary Tan, and is researching into a learnable behaviour model for crisis simulation.

Managing Server Resources for SoC Modules

Talk Description:

Have you ever wondered how are the servers in the computing clusters and teaching labs managed? With the increase in numbers of students in SoC, we had to make efficient use of our computing resources when used for our modules. I will explain the challenges that we face and how, over time, we adapted different solutions to solve these challenges. Such solutions enable easy installation and deployment of software on a collection of machines, performance monitoring and tuning. Long term, my goal is to create frameworks that can be used by both students and teaching staff to manage the computing resources.

Speaker Profile:

Cristina is a senior lecturer in Computer Science. She has been teaching Software Engineering and Computer Systems topics for the past 10 years. She completed her PhD at NUS, working on performance analysis of peer-to-peer systems. By focusing on teaching, she hopes to increase students’ interest in computer systems topics, such as operating systems, distributed systems, parallel computing, and computer networks.

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