Friday Hacks #214: GPU.js and Hack&Roll 2022 Projects

Posted on by Simon Julian Lauw

Date/Time: Friday, January 21 2022 19:00 +0800
Venue: i3 Auditorium (I3-AUD) & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)

YouTube Recording:

1) GPU.JS (2016) - building a JS transpiler in 24 hours - for speed and lulz

GPU.JS - Converts JavaScript (a strict subset) into GPU code.

For the memes (everything will be built in Javascript), and the speed (100x improvements in very specific scenarios). While it was never originally built for anything productive - it eventually found a niche in the AI / ML boom that soon followed after, where it now super charges AI / ML training systems based on JavaScript.

Crazy huh?, considering it was built as a joke in 24 hours.

So have a crash course into how CPU and GPU differs in computing model, and how GPU.JS handles these differences in building this engine!

Speaker Profile

Eugene Cheah, is a developer turned accidentally into a serial entrepreneur. Who likes to build big things, in big programming projects.

Somehow he is now CTO at his latest startup - which allow development teams and QA testers to automate web application testing through a single cloud platform. Helping detect those pesky bugs (hopefully) before they reach into production!

In his spare time, he writes random articles, and fools around on open source projects, silly ideas, and the local developer meetup community (before 2020). In his past he could also be randomly spotted at NUSHackers through out 2015/2016.

2) Wholesome Hacks You Don’t Want to Miss!

Have you ever dreamt of letting your cat write code for you? Guess what? Team we can code just turned that into reality for you! If you don’t own a cat and wish you had one, fret not, Derpat is the perfect desktop pet to kill your productivity! While you’re distracted, don’t forget about the Jupyter notebook you have been working on, as Pynoculars is sending your cell outputs to your instructor in real-time!

Wonder how these projects came about? Join to find out more about these awesome projects created within the short span of Hack&Roll 2022!

Speaker Profile

Team The Lim Conglomerate & Keith, we can code, and Flexbox are three teams from Hack&Roll 2022 bringing to you their creative hacks they made during the recently concluded event. (No prizes for guessing which team came up with which project)

The teams comprise students from both NUS and NTU majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and also Medicine! While their years of experience differ greatly, it is no barrier for the brilliant ideas they have come up with.

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