Friday Hacks #216: NUSMods and Automated Piracy

Posted on by Simon Julian Lauw

Date/Time: Friday, February 11 2022 19:00 +0800
Venue: Online on Zoom

YouTube Recording:

1) NUSMods - What’s Next?

NUSMods started as a better way for students to plan their school timetables. Over time, features have been added to improve the lives of NUS students. We will share how we built NUSMods, present a high level overview of its architecture, share the exciting features planned for NUSMods V4, and give tips on how to contribute.

Speaker Profile

Christopher Goh (Chris) is a third-year computer science undergraduate at NUS. He is a core team member of both NUSMods and NUS Hackers. He writes code, drinks coffee, has fun, and sometimes all at once. A few contributors from the NUSMods community will also be joining in to share about their upcoming NUSMods-related projects.

2) When DevOps meets Piracy

A brief history of automated piracy and a look into the state of art of piracy today.

Join me as we explore the latest projects and systems that will allow you to run your own Netflix held together with hacking-grade duck tape!

Speaker Profile

Fazli Sapuan is just a regular hacker who definitely doesn’t pirate stuff!

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