Friday Hacks #220, March 25: Intro to Geospatial Data Science and A Happy Free Software Maintainer

Posted on by Simon Julian Lauw

Date/Time: Friday, March 25 2022 19:00 +0800
Venue: LT 15 @ AS6 & Online on Zoom (Hybrid)

YouTube Recording:

1) Geospatial Analysis & Visualisation

This talk gives a basic introduction to geospatial analysis and visualisation, and how they are being utilised at Zeus Living to support its business expansion strategy. We’ll talk about open-source Python libraries which enable map visualisation (Folium), geospatial operations (GeoPandas) and spatial regression (PySAL)

Speaker Profile

Chen Yuan graduated from NUS School of Computing in 2020, and has been working at Zeus Living as a Software Engineer over the last 2 years.

2) A Happy Free Software Maintainer

I’ve been a maintainer for Emacs Org-mode for the last 12 years.

What is the role of a Free Software maintainer? What is difficult? What is great? How to stay a happy maintainer over the years?

Speaker Profile

Bastien is a developer and a free software hacktivist.

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