Friday Hacks #222, April 8

Posted on by Simon Julian Lauw

Date/Time: Friday, April 8 2022 19:00 +0800
Venue: Online

YouTube Recording:

1) Using AI & the Metaverse to Land Spacecrafts on Mars

We are building technology that changes the way we build AI by allowing the user to generate data from virtual worlds instead of collecting it manually. We will be sharing how this approach works and how it is being used to power mission critical applications both on earth and beyond!

Speaker Profile

Aravind is the co-founder and CTO at Bifrost. He is focused on building products that make a difference.

2) FoodDX : From Zero to Production

I will be walking the audience through how we built a Production-level project that serves a Tensorflow model as a service, via REST API.

Speaker Profile

Kahlil is a Full-stack Software Engineer with a preference for Backend Engineering & DevOps. He likes coding in Haskell & Rust and generally has a preference for functional languages with a relatively strong type system.

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