Hacker Tools: Shell and Scripting

Posted on by Chun Yu

Date/Time: Tuesday, 30 Aug 2022, 18:30–20:30
Venue: Executive Classroom (COM2-04-02)
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The shell is a fast, efficient textual interface to your computer. Come learn to use the shell, and write shell scripts, to do things from managing files and processing text, to writing quick scripts that help you automate and speed up your daily computing life.

Please ensure you have access to a POSIX-compatible shell, such as Bash. If you are on macOS or a Linux distribution, you are set; if you use Windows, consider installing Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) or Ubuntu in VirtualBox.

This workshop is largely based on the Missing Semester of Your CS Education lecture series conducted in MIT. This week’s topic is based on https://missing.csail.mit.edu/2020/shell-tools/.

See you there!

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