Friday Hacks #228, September 16: Cats, Burrito, and Laziness and Modernize Data Layer using Cloud Native Database

Posted on by Shen Yi Hong

Date/Time: Friday, September 16 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: Lemongrass Room @ Shaw Foundation Alumni House
Sign-up Link: NUSync Sign-up Link

Food 🍕 will be served!

If you are unable to come join us physically, you are welcome to join us online!

Friday Hacks #228 Poster

1) Cats, Burrito, and Laziness

Ever wondered how pure functional programming could work in the industry? How do Haskell programmers write code to launch missles? And what’s up with those monad tutorials? What in the world does »=, », and |+| mean? In this talk, I’ll talk about how paidy uses Scala, cats-effect, and pure functional programming to process more than 100,000 payments a day.

Speaker Profile

Jason Yeo is a software engineer specialising in functional programming, backend development, program analysis, compiler development, and dev-tools. He’s currently working in paidy, a Japanese startup.

2) Modernize Data Layer using Cloud Native Database

With the increasing adoption of microservices and containerized applications, there is a need for a database that works similarly to the application to take its full advantage. A cloud native database is a database that is designed to take full advantage of cloud technology and distributed systems.

Join us to discuss the evolution of databases and explore the benefits of Cloud Native Distributed SQL for modernizing the data layer using YugabyteDB, a 100% open-source distributed cloud-native transactional database that is designed to provide NewSQL capabilities by offering SQL & NoSQL API’s with the horizontal scalability, geo-distribution, and resilience of cloud-native architectures.

Speaker Profile

Ron is currently working at YugabyteDB as Sr. Presales Solution Specialist. He has a deep understanding of IT infrastructure and platforms focusing on key aspects of data solutions including RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL, data warehouses and data platforms. Prior to YuagbyteDB, he worked as Solution Architect in HPE Ezmeral and PingCAP.

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