Friday Hacks #247, October 20

Posted on by Parth Gujar

Date/Time: Friday, October 20 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: Level 1 Auditorium @ i3 Building
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here
Q&A Link: Send questions or topics you’d like the speakers to focus on here

Food 🍕 will be served!

If you are unable to come join us physically, you are welcome to join us online!

Friday Hacks #247 Poster

1) Frameworks for Moving Fast - An Early-Stage Startup Journey

Founded in Singapore, Momos offers an AI platform for restaurants globally to run their customer engagement, retention, and growth operations. Come hear about Momos’ experience building a startup that obsessively maintains its velocity and first-mover advantage, especially as AI revolutionizes the technology landscape.

Speaker Profile

Leland is the Head of Engineering, Momos and is featured on Forbes’ “30 Under 30 - Asia - Enterprise Technology.”

2) Low-level Rust: Fine, I’ll Just Make My Own Stable ABI, with Compact sum-types and Stable rustc!

This talk was initially presented at RustConf 23!

Always wanted a stable ABI that could model all of Rust’s features? Curious about what ABI even means and why it matters? Or keen to learn how to abuse the type system’s Turing completeness? Then this talk is for you.

In this talk, Pierre will guide you through the process of creating a stable ABI for Rust (stabby) as a library that supports niche optimizations in enums and multi-trait objects, letting you use all of Rust across the dynamic linkage frontier.

Speaker Profile

Pierre Avital, PhD, is a core contributor to Eclipse Zenoh, a networking middleware that turns your distributed systems into a single high-throughput event bus (and RPC framework), from a microcontroller with a single BLE interface to the cloud.

After using Rust professionally since 1.28 (in the olden times before async/await), he’s decided to make dynamic linkage more friendly for Rustaceans.

👋 See you there!

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