Friday Hacks #256, April 5: On Livestreams and Principal Component Analysis

Posted on by Wong Kok Rui

Date/Time: Friday, April 5 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: COM3-01-20 Seminar Room 11
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here

Food 🍕 and Drinks 🧋 will be served!

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1) Livestreams are Fun! Creating + Hosting a RTMP Relay Server with Google Cloud’s ecosystem

Work from home has become a thing for most industries, and that same notion has impacted online events. At local meetup groups, we sometimes collaborate with multiple volunteer organizations and speakers. But what if we need to stream this content to multiple platforms simultaneously (think Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and more)? We look at tackling this problem using Google Cloud Platform, and hosting a fully managed RTMP server for relaying a live-stream to these different platforms, while looking at additional functionalities we can implement on this RTMP server with the different tools of Google Cloud.

Speaker Profile

Weiyuan Liu is a Google Developer Expert in Google Cloud, and his day job is to serve as a Senior Engineering Manager at Ascenda, developing the teams and products under his charge. Outside of work, he helps to run GDG Cloud Singapore, and also founded “Big O(n) Development”, focused on improving and developing the careers of others.

2) The Misunderstood Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Most computer science, engineering, and data science students would have encountered principal component analysis (PCA). You might have learned some fast algorithms and interesting mathematics for PCA. Most likely, PCA was introduced to you as a dimension reduction technique and perhaps as a data visualization technique. However, these are merely byproducts of what PCA was originally formulated for, which is the deconvolution of variations in the input data into orthogonal (and hopefully meaningful) directions. I would like to share with you a few interesting and dramatic uses of PCA to help you better appreciate what PCA really is.

Speaker Profile

Wong Limsoon is a Kwan-Im-Thong-Hood-Cho-Temple Professor in Computing at NUS. Recognized for his contributions to database theory and computational biology, he was honored as a Fellow of the ACM in 2013. Limsoon’s research embodies insight into a problem, coupled with an elegant and logical exploitation of that insight. His solutions often possess a striking simplicity and obviousness, leaving others to wonder why they hadn’t thought of it before.

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