We host a community of like-minded, interested hackers in NUS. Join our mailing list - most of our organization-wide announcements and discussions are made through it. We also have a presence on Facebook with our Facebook page and our Facebook group. You can follow also follow @nushackers on Twitter

Note - we do have a recruiter/ad policy:

We don’t mind ads and shoutouts from trusted list-members. But if you’re new to the mailing list, you will not be allowed to post ads. We frown on people who sign-up to spam the list. To that end, all new members are placed on moderation.

If you’re dropping by, and you want to post an ad, email the coreteam here. We vet ads for quality/relevance to the list, and approve them accordingly. We make no promises about objectiveness, by the way—our prime concern is with quality of content, not accessibility to advertisers. We approve ads that we think are interesting. What interesting means is up to us.

We do this because we’re most interested in maintaining the quality of list-content. We spend a lot of our time curating this list, and we think that our core responsibility is to our members.