Friday Hacks Schedule

  1. #190:
    Online on Zoom
    • NUS Hackers Welcome Tea

      NUS Hackers Coreteam
  2. #191:
    Online on Zoom
    • Project Intern

      NUS Hackers Coreteam
  3. #192:
    Online on Zoom
    • Everything about Randomness

      Herbert Ilhan Tanujaya (Traverse Technologies)
    • Reinforcement Learning with Ray RLlib

      Dean Wampler (Domino Data Lab)
  4. No Friday Hacks
  5. #193:
    Online on Zoom
    • How does it look like working as a Fintech developer?

    • API Design Patterns

      JJ Geewax (Google)
  6. No Friday Hacks
  7. No Friday Hacks
  8. #194:
    Online on Zoom
    • TDD Changed My Life

      Jake (Indeed)
    • Using machine learning for creating optimal strategies

      Denis (Alphalab Capital)
  9. #195:
    Online on Zoom
    • Online Algorithms Made Easy

      Harry Ross (Jane Street)
    • Our Journey with Kubernetes, One Year in Production

      Jiang Huan (Titansoft)
  10. #196:
    Online on Zoom
    • A Look Under the Hood of Stripe.js

      Ankita Gupta (Stripe)
    • A Brief Tour of CPython Internals

      Joel Lee (NUS Hackers)