We need HELP!!

Posted on by jmarki

We are looking for people to help out in our events. Any kind of help is appreciated, from the biggies like being the person in charge of an event, or be a speaker on your pet topic, to easier stuff helping us publicise events (paste posters and send emails to the people you know). Right now, we are looking for help in the following areas. You don’t need to help with everything, just the part you are comfortable with.

  1. T-shirt:
    • sourcing for t-shirt deals
    • publicise the t-shirt sale (tell everyone you know!)
  2. Speakers:
    • we always need speakers for the monthly meetup. Do you have any thing to share with everyone? Need not be a formal presentation either, even a informal show and tell will do.
  3. FOSS Awareness Talk:
    • sourcing for appropriate speaker(s): Do you know anyone who might be willing to be one of the speakers? You can introduce him to us. =)
    • logistics and administrative preparation: Well, it’s the run-of-the-mill stuff like equipment (if needed), refreshments, registration of participants, etc
    • publicity: Design of posters, pasting them everywhere, and telling everyone you know
  4. coreteam:
    • Well, a lot of the people in the coreteam are in their final semester, so we will be severely short-handed soon. You can join the coreteam in any capacity (key personnel, publicity managers, logistics managers, or system administrators, etc).
    If you are interested in helping out in any of these, or even things that are not mentioned, do email the join@linuxNUS.org. Or you can simply hop over to the room at SOC1-03-19. =) Hope to hear from you soon!

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