Happy New Year!!!

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It’s the second week of the new NUS semester, so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The coreteam has planned several events this semester, most of which are still in a planning stage. Just to pique your interest, here’s a sneak preview:

  • T-shirt: linuxNUS will have our own T-Shirt!!
  • XAMPP Introduction: Ever heard of XAMPP by apache friends? It's a pre-packaged [Linux/Windows]AMP stack to install in your own computer!! It is not for use in production environments, but for developers to have a web server immediately. That way, they can get on with the thing they want to do: develop software. And we can wait for the fruits of their efforts. :p
  • Security Talk: We are inviting Eugene Teo to come down for a security talk. Likely topic is System Tap, and virtualization. He should be telling us about Linux Conference Australia 2007 too. Wohoo!
  • FOSS Awareness Talk for business students/startups: Capital issues plague startups all the time. NES and linuxNUS will be working together to introduce FOSS as a money saving alternative.
  • Career Networking Session: There are plans to hold one of these, but everything is still preliminary at this point.
  • Meetups, meetups, meetups!
Okay, enough about events for now. Do you know linuxNUS have our own cappuccino machine? Yup, you read it right! Rey and Junhao are still polishing their barista skills, and you are welcome to try out the machine in the club room (SOC1-03-19). What would SoC be without coffee, right?

Last, but one of the most exciting things, Jason Kim, an alumni who is starting his own company, has donated 5GB of web server space with SSH access to us. 5GB!! What marvels can we do with 5GB!! If you didn’t know, this is equivalent to a high-end shared hosting service… Hooray! Thank you very much, Jason! =)

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