Inaugural participation in NUS Matric Fair

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Matric fair rocked! linuxNUS was down for 4 days at booth #55 from 30th July to 2nd Aug. This is the 1st time that linuxNUS participated in the fair since we just started off not too long ago.

We have arrived!

It was pretty successful despite the initial difficulties that we had. But in the end, we manage to overcome the malfunctioning hardware and setup up a PIII 800 Mhz, 367 MB ram, Nvidia 128MB ram that showcased KDE and compiz-fusion.

The spinning cube desktop!

Linux is CoOl!
Don't you agree?

Yup! That's how lean the machine is... who says Linux has to be boring? =) 

Luqman loving the fire paint plugin

It was quite interesting that some of the freshies were unable to find our booth. Because somebody actually thought that we are "Leading Innovation in NUS" (aka Linus). Lolz. Nevertheless, many freshies did stumble upon our booth despite the little hiccup =)

Leading Innovation in NUS...

We got a total of 75 signups at our booth.One would probably think that all these would be either from Computing or Computer Engineering. Surprise! Some of the more "unexpected" aculties/departments/schools include: 

  • FASS: Philosophy, Psychology 
  • School of design and environment: Architecture
  • CFA 
  • Science, Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Chemistry
  • Business
  • FOE: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Wow! You mean this is not Windows or Mac OS?!

Well we are firming up details of our coming activities. So stay tune to our site and mailing list for further updates on our activities. If you missed out on our booth at the fair, do check out the rest of the photos taken.

Handing out of Ubuntu Feisty CD

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