has been upgraded

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Our website has a new look!

Other than some cosmetic touch ups, there is now also a chat applet login located on the sidebar. Extremely useful for those who do not have an irc client, but still wish to drop into #linuxnus.

Do drop into the channel. The place usually comes alive after 11pm.

In addition, our photos are now hosted at Webshots

While most of the photos are from our archives on this site, there are some photos of the previous LUG before linuxNUS was founded. These were dug out from The Wayback Machine. Think those guys were around in Y2K there about.

Well if you recognize any of the people there, do tell them we are still around (FYI, linuxNUS only started off in Jul 2005). Those photos would probably bring back some anecdotes if they care to join the mailing list. ;)

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