linuxNUS goes to Geylang

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

Well, we didn’t go there for vice. Actually it was an outing to the office of one of our alumni, Ahmad, who currently works in a startup. He had some problems with Samba on Centos, so we decided that it was a good excuse for a quick get together.

After arriving at his office, Ahmad elaborated that after Samba installation, internet access becomes limited. We couldn’t figure the solution, and decided to start a fresh install.

For more photos, please check out our album here.

And of course what is a linuxNUS gathering without good coffee and pizza? We help ourselves while Centos installed.

After installation, the internet worked. Yipee! And we got Samba working flawlessly too after a bit of tinkering plus trial and error. But unfortunately, installing Samba killed the net connection :( We threw every trick in the book that we knew… but sad to say we couldn’t really resolve the issue.

But then again, it was good to meet for the alumni and the present members to meet. And some of the more junior members did learn quite a bit :) Oh, and free pizza and coffee :D

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