In the jargon of the computer programmer, a hacker is someone who strives to solve problems in elegant and ingenious ways.

NUS Hackers is a student-run organization committed to the spread of hacker culture and free, open source software. We provide a support system for hackers in NUS who are currently building things, be it for charity, business or pleasure. We also hold workshops, run technical meetups, organize hackathons, and maintain open source code for the NUS community.

What we do

During the semester, our primary events include

  • weekly meetups every Friday called Friday Hacks that include one or two technical talks, sometimes followed by a hacking session;
  • workshops on Tuesdays called Hacker Tools that cover skills that are essential to those in computing fields but are not usually taught by schools; and
  • workshops on Saturdays called Hackerschool that cover a range of technical topics, and are aimed at introducing technologies to those who have no prior knowledge.

Near the start of each calendar year, we also run Hack&Roll, the largest student-run hackathon in Singapore. Hack&Roll is unique for being one of the few hackathons, if not the only, that do not have a set topic for participants; instead, the aim is to simply encourage people to come and have fun building something.

We also run smaller events for the NUS community, like Project Intern, where students who have interned share with others their experience and the benefits they have gained from interning, in a bid to encourage others to intern. Once in a while we also initiate other events like OpenHack. Everything we do is ultimately aimed at spreading the hacker culture.

Some of our events are recorded if consent is given by the relevant parties. Find our recordings here.

Participants at our events must follow our event code of conduct.


We believe that hacking is necessary for good innovation. (In fact, the best computer-related startups and technologies have all come from hackers.) As an extension to that, we think tinkering is win-win-win: you learn new things, you get to show off, and you become more attractive to employers.

(Though, honestly, most of the time we hack because it’s fun.)


Our long term goal is to build a healthy community of passionate hackers in NUS. We think that this benefits everyone: professors benefit because they are able to source for good programmers; startups and tech companies benefit because they are able to recruit from a central pool; and students benefit because they get to meet and learn from like-minded peers (and get opportunities from professors and tech companies).


NUS Hackers is managed by a coreteam of student volunteers. You can reach us by email. Want to help us in spreading hacker culture? We want you!

Coreteam members

Azeem [President] is a computer science undergraduate who loves tinkering and building things. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, catching movies and building telegram bots. Reach him at azeem@nushackers.org.

Jing Yen is a(nother!) CS undergrad that lives the heretic’s life of using Vim in Emacs. Reach out to him at jingyen@nushackers.org if there’s anything you’d like to discuss with him.

Christopher is a computer science undergraduate that drinks way too much coffee, sleeps way too little, and is passionate about all things computer science. Report his GitHub profile here (please don’t) or send him cat memes at chris@nushackers.org.

Noel is a computer science undergraduate who loves meeting people. He enjoys hacking on fun(ny) ideas and optimizing his workstation. Reach out to him at kwannoel@nushackers.org if you’d like to chat.

Yitao is a computer science undergraduate with interest in app development, algorithms, research and other wonky stuff. An avid tea drinker, he also enjoys music and ball games that involve running around. Find him on GitHub.

Shenjia is a computer engineering undergraduate who loves meeting new people and tinkering! She is a little bit of a nerd but really friendly! Chat with her at shenjia@nushackers.org!

Mayank is a computer science undergraduate, with an interest in programming languages, DNA storage, Hacker News, … and a lot of other, very random, stuff. Feel free to drop in at mayank@nushackers.org!

Ziqing is a computer science undergraduate who loves learning how to “HelloWord” new things and meeting new friends. She loves anime, music and weird drinks. Reach out to her at ziqing@nushackers.org •ᴗ•

Choon Yong is a CS and Stats undergraduate. Catch me either watching wholesome vids, playing FPS or just learning a new language. I get my hands dirty into router firmwares, network security and some custom Android ROM development. Hit me up at choonyong@nushackers.org ^-^

Ashley is a business analytics undergraduate who often goes out of her comfort zone to try new stuff. She occasionally figure skates when she isn’t busy mugging for mods. Reach out to her at ashley@nushackers.org

Jivesh is a computer science undergraduate who’s having fun learning new things. He enjoys reading, football, and foods he hasn’t tried before. Reach him at jivesh@nushackers.org

Simon is a computer science undergraduate who is still exploring the vast swathes of computer science. He loves playing squash, watching Netflix series/animes, and pondering about his life >_<… Hit him up at simonjulianl@nushackers.org!

Yong Kang is a computer science undergraduate who enjoys messing around with both software or hardware, probably broke more stuff than he ever fixed >< Apart from binging random YouTube videos about tech or astrophysics, he also listens to mandopop. Connect with him at yongkang@nushackers.org!

Zhao Wei is a computer science undergraduate who’s still exploring his interests in various aspects of CS and Math. He enjoys reading and bouldering. Reach him at zhaowei@nushackers.org.

Irene is an information system undergraduate who is intrigued by a lot of stuff. She can never get enough of desserts, aesthetic Pinterest posts, and lame jokes in Youtube. Hit her up at irenelie@nushackers.org :)

Richard is a computer science undergraduate with a keen interest in software engineering and augmented reality. He enjoys exploring design and listening to good movie soundtracks 🎧 Reach him at richard@nushackers.org.

Yi Hong is a computer science undergraduate who is having difficulty explaining to his friends that he can’t fix their spoilt laptop for them. To see what he actually does, check out his github or email him for a chat at yihong@nushackers.org.

Chun Yu is a computer science undergraduate with an interest in free software, building awesomely useless stuff, tinkering and breaking anything and everything. Feel free to reach out at chunyu@nushackers.org.

Kok Rui is a computer science undergraduate whose specific interests within computing seem to change every year or so. He enjoys watching sports, playing GeoGuessr, and walking around random countries. You can email him at kokrui@nushackers.org.

Jing Wen is a physics undergrad who got lost in SoC once and is currently being held captive. He enjoys reverse-engineering and automating stuff in his life. Send a message to him at sawjingwen@nushackers.org.

Devansh Shah is a computer science undergraduate who is exploring his interests in CS and entrepreneurship. He loves to meet new people, read books and play badminton. Feel free to reach out at devansh@nushackers.org

Li Heng is a CS undergrad interested in building things with new technologies. He can’t function without coffee. Feel free to reach him at tohliheng@nushackers.org.

Aditya is a computer science undergrad with an interest in experimenting with things. He hates coffee. Reach him at aditya@nushackers.org.

Shuwen is a computer science undergraduate who loves to learn new technology stacks that can allow her to turn ideas into real products. She can’t resist pink or white coloured electronic devices and computer accessories. Feel free to reach her at shuwen@nushackers.org.

Yadunand is a computer science undergraduate with an interest in the intersection of hardware and software, keyboards and everything inbetween. Hit him up at yadunand@nushackers.org.

Parth is a jaded CS undergraduate who’s currently interested in operating systems and distributed systems. He also enjoys reading books and cycling, and keeps an eye out for any deliciously interesting or cynical quotes. Say hi to him at parth@nushackers.org.

Ravern is a Computer Science undergraduate interested in programming languages and software engineering. He also enjoys reading, climbing and watching movies. Reach out to him at ravern@nushackers.org.

Jia Hao is a computer science undergraduate who enjoys learning and talking about the many sides of computer science (but mostly software engineering and programming languages) on his blog. Feel free to reach him at woojiahao@nushackers.org.

Yetong is a CS undergrad interested in mobile apps, playing tons of pool and drinking coffee. Ask him anything at tangyetong@nushackers.org.

Rebecca is a Business Administration undergraduate who enjoys exploring and learning all things web3. Previously a film student, she occasionally relaxes by watching a good film and trying new hobbies for fun. Hit her up at Rebecca@nushackers.org.

Hejin is a CS undergraduate who appreciates the sweet and bitter of the cs people life. She loves cool things, cool people, cute furry creatures and acai bowls. Reach her at hejin@nushackers.org.

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