In the jargon of the computer programmer, a hacker is someone who strives to solve problems in elegant and ingenious ways.

NUS Hackers is a student-run organization committed to the spread of hacker culture and free, open source software. We provide a support system for hackers in NUS who are currently building things, be it for charity, business or pleasure. We also hold workshops, run technical meetups, organize hackathons, and maintain open source code for the NUS community.

What we do

During the semester, our primary events include

  • weekly meetups every Friday called Friday Hacks that include one or two technical talks, sometimes followed by a hacking session;
  • workshops on Tuesdays called Hacker Tools that cover skills that are essential to those in computing fields but are not usually taught by schools; and
  • workshops on Saturdays called hackerschool that cover a range of technical topics, and are aimed at introducing technologies to those who have no prior knowledge.

Near the start of each calendar year, we also run Hack&Roll, the largest student-run hackathon in Singapore. Hack&Roll is unique for being one of the few hackathons, if not the only, that do not have a set topic for participants; instead, the aim is to simply encourage people to come and have fun building something.

We also run smaller events for the NUS community, like Project Intern, where students who have interned share with others their experience and the benefits they have gained from interning, in a bid to encourage others to intern.

Some of our events are recorded if consent is given by the relevant parties. Find our recordings here.


We believe that hacking is necessary for good innovation. (In fact, the best computer-related startups and technologies have all come from hackers.) As an extension to that, we think tinkering is win-win-win: you learn new things, you get to show off, and you become more attractive to employers.

(Though, honestly, most of the time we hack because it’s fun.)


Our long term goal is to build a healthy community of passionate hackers in NUS. We think that this benefits everyone: professors benefit because they are able to source for good programmers; startups and tech companies benefit because they are able to recruit from a central pool; and students benefit because they get to meet and learn from like-minded peers (and get opportunities from professors and tech companies).


NUS Hackers is managed by a coreteam of student volunteers. You can reach us by email.

Coreteam members

Hao Wei [President] is a computer science undergraduate with an interest in operating systems, systems programming, programming languages, and free software. Find him on GitHub.

Suyash is a computer science undergraduate student who loves everything tech, from new home automation hacks to new apps. He might be new to the world of making things but has been breaking things his whole life. Feel free to contact him at suyash@nushackers.org.

Herbert is a computer science student who takes more pure math modules than CS. His first real programming experience was in CS1101S. Since then, he has tried many things which can be found at github.com/donjar.

Jethro is a computer science undergraduate, who hacks all things hackable. He organizes an Emacs meetup and would love to see you there! You can stalk him here.

Rachael is a business analytics undergraduate that loves exploring many fields, such as psychology, AI and design. She hope to create and recreate more as she experiments with new things. First attempt in creating a website. Get in touch with her at rachaeltay@nushackers.org.

Raynold is a computer science student interested in Algorithms, Math and dodgeball. You can find his code at github.com/raynoldng. You can engage him at raynold@nushackers.org

Francis is a sushi-loving, rock-climbing, tembusu-staying, mural-painting, vampires-studying, Computer Engineering student, hoping to extend this list as the years go by.

Julius is a computer science undergraduate who also enjoys Aerospace Engineering, Music Theory and History (reflected in his favourite games: Kerbal Space Program and Europa Universalis IV). You can find his codes here and his website here.

Joel is a computer science undergraduate with an interest in machine learning and distributed systems. Still figuring out how to be as legit as everyone else on this page. You can find him on Kaggle and his website .

E-Liang is a computer science undergraduate with a decade-long interest in software engineering, and a current love for developing full-stack web applications. Star his repos here.

Joshua is a computer science undergraduate with a current interest in full-stack stuff. He enjoys watching football in his free time. He can be reached at joshua@nushackers.org.

Wee Han is a computer science undergraduate with a passion for trying out new things. Currently occupied with full-stack web development, data analytics/visualization and cancer genomics research. Reach him at weehan@nushackers.org!

Daryl is a computer science undergraduate and an aspiring full-stack developer. He’s passionate about software engineering, good design and music curation. View his work on GitHub and on his website.

Chaitanya is a CS undergrad who enjoys learning new stuff, but is yet to discover what part of technology truly interests him. You can find out more about him here, or reach him at chaitanya@nushackers.org!

Yuanhong is a computer science undergraduate interested in algorithms and competitive programming. Find him on GitHub.

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