[Podcast] Episode 0 recorded; release pending.

Posted on by dwu

After some difficulty finding a recording venue and some hours of figuring out a reasonable setup, five linuxNUSers (icedwater, ruiwen, dqminh, aaronstevensonle, dwu) finally got around to recording the raw premier episode of the linuxNUS podcast. Discussed on the record were:

  • why TCC Circular Road rocks (and Geek Terminal does not)
  • past and future FOSS events in Singapore
  • anything else geeks can come up with chatting over coffee

Discussed off the record were plans for future podcasts, format, style, and content. The podcasters plan on future interviews, a much better recording setup, and possibly even super-swoosh transitions and editing. Also, much goofing off ensued.

Editing of the episode is well under way, keep an ear out for the final cut :)

dscf2005 dscf1479


p.s. photos of recording session to come are here!

  • dwu out
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