Registration closed for March 27th Ubuntu Workshop

Posted on by iced

What’s on March 27th, you say? Team Ubuntu Singapore, or TUSG, is going to hold a workshop / demo session in COM1, showing how it’s possible to use open source software to get your work done, and live your life the way you want it! For more details, check out their site.

However, there’s been really great response from you guys, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Computing Club! As our venue (Programming Lab 2) is limited in space, we’ve had to close registration for the event.

For those of you who’ve missed out, though, fret not - this huge response will no doubt encourage future events to take place, and some might take place really soon, too! If you like, you can leave us your name at our official contact address. Or join our mailing list to receive updates!

What we’d really like is for more people to come by our IRC channel and hang out. It isn’t all that hard, now is it?

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