HoN-y Night Report and Photos

Posted on by Luther Goh Lu Feng

HoN was certainly fun. We even had icedwater joining us all the way from Germany. We had some real intense matches and a good late night supper at Holland Village. And one thing for sure is, gaming is certainly a good way for team bonding :)

We already had one adhoc match over the weekend, arranged via IRC. So hang around in our IRC channel if you are looking for HoN beginners :p We should be arranging another games night in the near future. So keep your eyes open for our next event.

Here are some photos of this HoN-y night.

Busy concentrating

Owned! Dead!

Trying to get wireless working on Linux

Yes finally you’re dead! No, you killed me!

More photos of our HoN games night here. Many thanks to the guys at S2Games for providing us with Heroes of Newerth beta invites and a great game.

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