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FOSS Books

My favorite sections in the NUS Central Library is the TK5I05.885 and QA76.76 - all catering to the latest and old books on various Computer technologies. Last semester, I had to write an essay for the USP application on a topic that talks about my interest. And guess what, I wrote about  Open Source. I had to keep it non-technical as mainly Arts Professors would evaluate that. (Disclaimer : I did not get through USP :) ).

So I looked up some books regarding the topics, and for that I had to look up in the above shelves of QA76.76. And there, sitting on the old shelves were the immense bundles of knowledge talking about the various aspects of Free and Open Source Software. I will be providing a list of books and locations at the end of this post so that any geek, passing the library can have a look at the areas.

Though, almost all these books are available freely over the Internet under the GNU license, getting some to read in the comfort of your bed is a boon in itself. And why not use the vast library that is full of smelly books, untouched for years, waiting for geeks?

I try to make it up to a habit that I have always craved for and sometimes achieved - “a book a week”. But a busy semester and less sleeping time pulls the habit down.

The most important aspect of FOSS that has inspired me is the point that reeks out from all the books that talk about history of Open Source - The way the eminent personalities coded day and night with huge motivations. I mainly refer to the “Rebel Code” by Glyn Moody. He gives a comprehensive insight into how the Hacker movement transformed into a highly organised rebellion - giving birth to GNU and Linux, as we know them today.

I think its better to read the books altogether, rather me giving brief reviews about each (I am still reading some of them, if you cant find them on the Book shelves, ping me, I will return those books back to the library).

You can get a simple list of all the books with the Keyword - “Open Source” at LincNUS -


Other Books, pertaining to FOSS, I will list :  There are even more in the above link, and more that I am looking out for. Will update the list soon.

Book Name Author Location
Rebel Code: the inside story of linux and open source revolution Glyn Moody CL Books

QA76.76 Ope.Moo

Hacking Capitalism Johan Soderberg
Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of RMS Richard M. Stallman CL Books

QA76.754 Sta 2002

Joy of Linux: a gourmet guide to open source Michael Hall CL Books

QA76.76 Ope. H

Free as in Freedom : Richard Stallman’s Crusade for Free Software Sam Williams MD/SC Books

HD8039 Dat.W

Free for all : how Linux and the free software movement undercut the high-tech titans Peter Wayner HSSML Books

QA76.76 Ope.Wa

Just for fun: the story of accidental revolutionary Linus Torvalds CL Books

QA76.2 Tor.To

Law and Internet Cultures Kathy Bowrey CL Books

KF390.5 Com.Bo 2005

A hacker Manifesto Wark, McKenzie CL Books

HC79 Dig.Wa 2004

The hacker ethic, and the spirit of the new economy Himanen, Pekka. CL Books

QA76.9 Mor.Hi

The best of 2600: a hacker odyssey Emmanuel Goldstein CL Books

QA76.9 Acc.Go 2009

The cathedral and the bazaar : musings on Linux and Open Source by an accidental revolutionary Eric Raymond HSSML Books

QA76.76 Ope.Ry 2001

P.S. There are perhaps thousands of books that cater to the technical aspect of Open Source technologies such as PHP, Apache, Ruby etc. I talk only about the non-technical ones here.

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