Ideas >> Execution; Summer Hackfest

Posted on by angad

linuxNUS and HackerSpaceSG bring to you the Summer Hackfest  and this time we have bigger ideas in mind!


This time great ideas come together at a single place. You have 12hrs to develop anything, either with a team or individually. Share your ideas with others, form great teams and meet different people. You are free to develop anything, any idea that you have in mind - Android, iPhone, Web2.0, linux etc.

Have a blast with coding, designing and developing a business idea, straight from idea >> execution. Start your idea with awesome people around and <geek> out.

The last 2 hrs will be devoted to a short discussion of ideas that everybody is working on.

So Come over, grab a corner and JFDI!

The event starts at 9am and ends at 9pm.

9am - 11am Form team, discuss idea.

11am - 8pm - JFDI!

8pm - 9pm - Show-and-Tell & Makan :)

Please register here. Please note that places are limited for the first 30 registrants. You will be informed by email :)


Please feel free to drop by the IRC Channel or email us at

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