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We had a great Hackfest this Sunday and it turns out that such events are much needed in Singapore to develop a healthy environment for converting ideas into execution. The Hackfest was not a total success in terms of the expected audience but we had a few great souls around that hacked and developed to glory. The event was attended by around 15 people and with many who dropped in occasionally. The good thing about the event was that there was a really casual feel about the place and people were working merrily with usual in-between breaks and drinks. It was a perfect place and time to code, think and develop.

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It was anticipated that 12hrs is not enough time to develop anything from scratch to end. But yeah, it was enough time to thrash down the ideas, think over it fully and come up with a basic structure. It was also enough time to meet the people around. That was the main beauty of the event. I was teamed up with 2 other NUS students and it was great to see some bonding and idea development. We are surely following up on the stuff that we developed in those 12 hrs.

The people who attended the event -

Ruiwen and Luther - HackerSpace Membership management system in Django.

Angad, Bryan and Shanmugam - A picture with a descriptive related story CMS. [PHP and AJAX]

We also came up with another idea - A Past year papers questions/answers database for Primary, A Levels and University students. We will surely follow up on this one and if anybody is interested in helping out, please contact at coreteam[at]linuxnus[dot]org.

Shanmugam was highly interested in Rooting his HTC Magic and upgrading to 2.1. He received great guidance from the android geeks at the place and we wish him luck with his ventures with Android. He is also a newly recruited member of linuxNUS.

Martin - OpenMoko Bootloader. He was totally immersed into his two Green geeky OLPC XOs and was developing a bootloader on the Open Hardware phone - OpenMoko.

We had a guest who dropped in around 3pm - Nelson,  from Dominican Republic. He is a passionate Ruby Developer and did a great show of some cool stuff such as // and some Ruby process on his Mac. His blog can be found here - CopyPastel

Tomithy - a peer from the module CS3216 also dropped by and took part in the discussions around. He is a Social Entrepreneur, embarking on NOC next semester to UPenn. Good Luck to him!

The event was ended by a show and tell from everybody present and an enlightening discussion about typed and un-typed languages.

And finally it was great to eat the specially cooked food - low temperature and longer time cooking (sous vide) from Meng Weng. The eggs were really nice with pepper. Moreover, the location of HackerSpaceSG is a great one for good food outside.

Looking forward to organising more such events. We really needs such places and such groups to come up with loads of ideas and execute them with a high spirit. This would surely induce better understanding of - how an idea can be converted effectively to a final product, team work spirit and the start-up environment. Its ultimately all about hard-work and working smart :)

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