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We had mentioned about a workshop series from linuxNUS in a recent blog post and now here we are with something concrete that you can look forward to!

linuxNUS and NUS Entrepreneurship Society bring to you the “Hack Workshop Series”.

Here’s the thing: we’re most interested in hackers and entrepreneurs. If you want to be an entrepreneur but you don’t have sufficient technical skills, come to us and we’ll give you a good boost in the right direction. And if you’re a hacker, no problem: come to us anyway and we’ll share with you cool new tools that you might want to play around with. (Plus: you’ll meet plenty of code ninjas and startup people - always a good thing, in our opinion!)

The Hack Workshop Series will cover both technical and non-technical aspects of development. We’ve gotten some of the best people to teach it: developers from local open-source developer groups, web entrepreneurs and various members of the local startup community.

Here are a couple of things we’re going to focus on: - simplicity in design - teamwork in technical teams - scalable models / adaptability to change - power of open-source - collaboration - proper development practices - the importance of self-learning

We will be collaborating with local open source developer groups, entrepreneurs and startups for the workshops. Currently the following organisations are helping us with the workshops

The Best Time of The Week

We know you’re likely to have busy lives, so we’ve scheduled all our workshops for Friday evenings. That way there won’t be any time clashes with most of your lectures. Expect 8-10 workshops this semester; ranging from technical to non-technical levels of difficulty. (And, yes, by technical we mean basic programming knowledge.)

If that isn’t good enough, we will also be holding Hackfests throughout the semester. Hackfests are gatherings where you get to work on your own ideas and projects, just for the heck of it. Why hack? Well we do it for fun, but the pizza sharing helps. And if you come up with something cool, we’ll showcase and discuss your ideas throughout the rest of the workshops!

Here is a tentative list of the workshops - (Stay tuned for the schedule!)

(T - Technical, N - Non-technical)

  • Installfest - Setting up a development Environment (T)
  • The UNIX Philosophy (N)
  • Version Control (T)
  • HTML5 CSS3 (T)
  • PHP CodeIgniter Framework (T)
  • Agile Development (T)
  • Team Development Practices (N)
  • Presentation/Pitching Skills (N)
  • Start-up Talks (N)
  • User Interface Design (N)
Forming teams with fellow attendees is encouraged, but that’s really up to you. We also encourage you to come up with your own entrepreneurial ideas and develop them along with the workshops.

Here’s the catch, though: attendance to each workshop is capped to a limit. Its on a first-come first-serve basis.

You can pre-register for the workshop series and the launch event here - //bit.ly/baD3dP

The launch event is scheduled for 20th August, Friday evening, 6.30pm in SoC. The venue will be confirmed to the registrants soon.

You can also follow the latest news at the Facebook page //bit.ly/bM7bvC or follow us on twitter @linuxNUS

The Hack Workshop Series, sponsored by IDA Singapore, equips geeks/non-geeks with a good base in development and idea execution.

It is co-organized with NES, Garag3, e27, Hackerspace and NOC Alumni.

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