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linuxNUS is planning for the next semester!

linuxNUS is an organisation to promote the use of Free and Open Source Software in NUS and Singapore. We have been organising Hackfests which promote working in teams with an intense focus on the execution of an idea. These Hackfests are aimed at encouraging the JFDI - Just F**kin’ Do It attitude, while collaborating with the community.

So now, we’ve come up with the idea of a Hack Workshop series for NUS students. These workshops will be aimed at promoting “learning how to learn”. They will talk about hacking as an important part of entrepreneurship and boundless creative exploration. As we say, a great idea is nothing without excellent execution, so we’d really like help make excellent execution a reality.

Essentially the workshops will feature the following concepts -

  • simplicity in design
  • team synergy
  • scalable models / adaptability to change
  • power of opensource
  • collaboration
  • proper developmental practices
  • the importance of self-learning

The workshops are for those interested in learning to how develop a project while working in teams. We will be collaborating with local open source developer groups, entrepreneurs and startups for the workshops.

The workshops will come in two flavours, technical and non-technical -

The technical workshops will primarily cover topics such as web development and software development best practices, while the non-technical topics will cover the business viability aspects, presentation skills and will include talks by successful start-ups.

The workshops will be held either on a Saturday or Sunday morning - 10am till 1pm. All the workshops will be followed by a Hackfest (yeah the same old one where you can sit around, talk to people and develop anything!).

Here is a list of Workshop topics (stay tuned for updates on the Workshop schedule!) -

  • Linux/Unix basics,
  • NUS Linux setup - configuring printers, network.
  • Basic system administration - package management, etc.
  • Revision control - GIT/SVN
  • Beginning Web development - HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • PHP/MySQL - Making a simple Blog CMS (with CodeIgniter).
  • Software development best practices - Agile Development, TDD, Pair Programming
  • Presentation Skills
  • Start-up talks
  • Designing with GIMP/Photoshop
You can preregister with us for the workshops here and more news - //

If you think you can contribute to the initiative you can contact us at coreteam(at)linuxNUS(dot)org with suggestions for topics or speakers.

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