Friday Hacks Talk 2nd Mar - Building responsive frontends with Backbone.js

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We’re back from the Semester Break with 2 talks this Friday Hacks :)
- Location: Seminar Room 2, UTown ERC Level 2 Free pizza and mingling @ 6pm General hacking commences after talk - you’re free to work on homework or personal projects, or ask for assistance from fellow programmers in attendance.

Do let us know if you are coming so that we can prepare enough food and space for everyone: // For map, more details, as well as guidelines on giving a talk on Friday Hacks, see //
Talk details: It’s very easy and tempting, when working on javascript web apps, to come up with a 10000 lines worth of spaghetti jQuery callbacks and DOM manipulations that seem to just scrape by & work. That is, until you make that one small, tiny little change that couldn’t possibly affect anything, and BOOM!-everything breaks.

Restore your sanity by giving your webapp a backbone to rest on with backbone.js (ohhh the puns, if you see them), a small 600-loc library that provides a basic model/view/router foundation to build upon. I’ll be giving a quick walk-through of most of these features.

Take a look at some amazing real world use cases like LinkedIn mobile, DocumentCloud, Flow and more at //
Pre-talk Prep:
You should be able to understand basic Javascript. Recommended resource-‘Javascript: The Good Parts’ by Douglas Crockford. Bonus points if you understand Coffeescript

Speaker Profile:

Divyanshu Arora is a CS undergrad at NUS. He likes to wast-AHEM-spend his time working on random projects. He recently returned from NOC Israel, and is also one of the organizers for this year’s Startup Roots Singapore fellowship programme.
Please register so that we can guarantee enough food and space for everyone:

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