Hack&Roll'12 Team Lineup

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Hack&Roll 2012 is now entering its final stretch with 4 hours left before the end of the event.

Walking around the basement, there is a sense of excitement in the air as the participants gear up to finish hacking their app/product for the judges later. (As I’m typing now, there is a team going to the SRC now to do the final tweaks and testing for their UAV. Yes, an unmanned air vehicle. Awesome shit.) Can’t wait for their presentations later.

The list of teams participating and still at the Hackathon are below. Ping us if you find yourself missing from the list :)

Team Name: BrainWave App Name: Team Buddy Tech Stack: LAMP, GMaps API, Android A scheduling app for university students with project modules. Location- based meeting scheduler. Ensure that team members don’t mess around during meetings, and attend meetings etc. Planning on incorporate Latitude API, and to send SMS notifications. Can be extended to taking minutes, sharing files, etc.

Team Name: Semantics2 App Name: Air Wolf Tech Stack: Arduino Mega, GPS, Server: Perl, Selenium, Client Side: Yql, jQuery APIs: FB graph, GMaps, OpenCV, face.com Justin.tv A cost-effective UAV with a smartphone on board. Does real time image processing, facial recognition.

Team Name: Semantics3 App Name: Vigilance Tech Stack: Frontend: iOS, Android, Hoiio API for SMS, UIKit. Backend: node.js, Perl calling script, searches, etc. Limestone. A mobile app on Android which has multiple use cases. When kids roam around, data about sex offenders, arson etc can be used to plot dangerous areas, and indicate danger level of area according to algorithm, sending an SMS to parents if critical.

Team Name: Team OS App Name: Study Buddy Tech Stack: HTML5, CSS3, App engine App to help students find other people in their modules they may not already know. Student meeting portal, give venue, assignment, etc. Planning to implement geotagging in future and give suggestions based on location. Learning algorithm, prefers people you enjoyed studying with.

Team Name: tomato App Name: Taskcards Tech Stack: HTML5, Backbone.js A todo-list management application.

Team Name: Berserks App Name: Berserk IVLE Forum Tech Stack: Django backend, jQuery, IVLE API IVLE Forum frontend — A new way to chat on IVLE.

Team Name: 113 App Name: Module Graph Tech Stack: Flask, MongoDB, HTML5 Canvas API A module visualisation tool, see which modules you need to take to satisfy prerequisites for a module and what you can take from then on. A different way to get module information.

Team Name: DLL App Name: Tutorials with Friends. Tech Stack: LAMP, Codeigniter Given a number of users, app will match timetable of all users and find tutorial slots that everyone can take.

Team Name: GiveUsPlaybooks! App Name: Cab 2gether Tech Stack: LAMP, Hoiio, Android, HTML5 Application for people who want to share cabs. Future growth into car pooling. You have company, you save cash, and you save the environment.

Team Name: N-Team App Name: Geek Rave Tech Stack: LAMP, Codeigniter A social platform for NUS students to showcase projects they’ve done.

Team Name: Jabtunes App Name: Orbiter Tech Stack: HTML5, Node.js, Couch DB, Express, Orbit Cloud-based collaborative platform for game development.

Team Name: Team Kickbutt! App Name: I CORSed it Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails Provides an analytical view of past bidding of modules’ stats.

Team Name: Veeraya App Name: Veeraya Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails Online food-ordering system.

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