Friday Hacks #29, Sep 14

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This week we have Sourabh Rao, an NUS student who programs for fun (and has done some impressive things outside of school!), and Michael Li, a Research Officer from the Data Analytics Department, National Business Analytics Center.

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Location: COM1 SR3 [COM1/212] Time: 7pm - 9pm. Talks start promptly at 7pm. You are welcome to stay and mingle (or hack!) after the talks.
Pizza is served after the talks. Attendees are encouraged to have a light dinner before the event.

Talk 1: Crawling and sentiment analysis: practical hacks with Python (Sourabh Rao, NUS Student)

Talk Description: I’ll be talking on sentiment analysis, the theoretical nitty gritty of it and how it can be used in practical projects. I’ll also be introducing a project I am working on to build a pandora like music player which uses the concept of sentiment analysis to build music libraries.

Prep: I’ll be starting from scratch. I assume a basic understanding of programming.

Speaker Profile: I am a freshman at NUS. I was a SRP researcher at NUS during Junior College and worked on genetic algorithms. I founded a profitable question answering portal called sqare. I was also fortunate to have spent a quarter at MIT during which I was exposed to ideas of sentiment analysis. Currently, I am an engineering intern at semantics3.

Talk 2: Making Sense: Introduction to working with ontologies (Michael Li, Research Officer, Data Analytics Dept, NBAC)

Talk Description: Ontologies are a different way to store data and knowledge as compared to the conventional model of using databases. This talk and hands-on session will be an introduction to using ontologies and demonstration of why we use it (and like it!)

Speaker profile: Michael Li is a research engineer in Institute for Infocomm Research whose work is in semantic technology and focused towards the healthcare industry.

He graduated from University of Melbourne with a Biomedical Engineering Degree specializing in Bioinformatics.

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