Friday Hacks #30, Sep 21

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This week we have Andy Croll, CTO at and the organiser of RedDotRubyConf, and Kwok Pan, a product designer who dabbles in programming.

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Location: COM1 SR3 [COM1/212] Time: 7pm - 9pm. Talks start promptly at 7pm. You are welcome to stay and mingle (or hack!) after the talks.

Talk 1: Sweat the Details (Andy Croll, CTO of

Talk Description: Design is communication, empathy and human understanding. The tiny things make all the difference in the tools and technologies you will be creating for the rest of your lives. Learn to take pride in the little things.

Speaker Profile: One of Singapore’s most sought after designers & developers. User-experience-focussed, web-designing, ruby programming, startup-ing, Singapore-based Brit.

Talk 2: From Art to App

Talk Description: Synthesizing Design and Code in Installations, Mobile Apps and 3D Printing increased accessibility between different fields of knowledge have resulted in exciting innovations in recent years. This talk will cover the emerging field of creative coding, the synthesis between design and programming as related to my work. I will talk about some of the processes I used to program a light installation for W Hotel, to create a system of 3D printed vases and to make a camera filter app for the iPhone. It will include insights and learnings from both a high level perspective as well as actual details with hands-on demonstrations. Throughout the talk, I will also touch on how I approach and learn programming as someone whose background is primarily in design.

Preparation: There is no required preparation but it will be helpful to look at a Java-based programming framework called Processing (// and some of the works in the exhibition section of the website. That was how I got started and I will use it for some demonstrations as well. Creative Applications (// is a good website to look at too.

Speaker Profile: Kwok Pan graduated two years ago from the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU, with First Class Honours in Product Design. Since then, he has been working to explore his vision of design and code working hand in hand to create original works in both physical products and interactive applications. His works in 3D Printing have been featured in magazines such as Casa Vogue Brasil, Surface Asia, and The American Scholar, as well as major design websites such as designboom, Fast Company (Co.Design) and NOTCOT. More recently, his venture into the world of iPhone applications, a camera app called Meta (, were picked up by The Guardian, Cult of Mac and Life in LoFi.


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