Friday Hacks #85, January 23

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This Friday, we’ll be having Sundaravalli Shriram from PayPal speaking about an introduction to functional programming in Scala. See you there!

Date/Time: Friday, January 23 at 6:30pm
Venue: LT15, AS6, National University of Singapore
Free pizza is served before the talks.

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Talk description

This week, the topic for discussion is Functional Programming with Scala. Functional programming is a recent buzz word in the industry. Functional programming involves constructing programs using only pure functions with no side effects such as reading from files or mutating memory.

This idea of functional programming, leads to a very different way of writing programs than you may be used to. We therefore start from the very beginning, relearning how to write the simplest of programs in a functional way.

We will cover what is functional programming, its benefits and how pure functions can be built to achieve almost all of the regular tasks involved in programming. We will also look at basic Scala syntax and functional programming constructs. We will talk briefly about modelling state-ful programs using pure functions in Scala.

Speaker profile

Sundaravalli Shriram, working as a Solutions architect with Paypal Singapore. She has around 16 years of experience in software development. She started her career in India working on C++, VC++. She joining Paypal in Chennai ( India) , and moved to Paypal Singapore a year back. She spent good time with a few product development companies like Tektronix, SCM Microsystems for 9 years, presently working with Paypal for the last 7+ years. She has considerable experience working on full lifecycle projects as a developer, lead and architect.

She is passionate about learning new technologies. Initially started as C++ developer when she joined Paypal. Paypal provided her with opportunities to explore web technologies, Java, Node JS, mobile application development and Scala. With exposure to different technologies and stack, She is in a position to compare and provide recommendation on the right stack for different applications based on their requirements. “This is an integral part of my job that makes it interesting” says Sundaravalli Shriram.

She is blessed with a Daughter (Sruthi) studying in 10th Grade and Son (Shreyas) in 5th Grade, Both are studying in Global Indian International School in Singapore and her husband Shriram is in business.

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