Friday Hacks #92, April 10

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We’ll be having three security researchers from the Ministry of Home Affairs – Jacob, Glenn and Damian – speaking about Web Security this week. See you!

Date/Time: Friday, April 10 at 6:30pm
Venue: SR3, Town Plaza, UTown
Free pizza is served before the talks.

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Web Developers’ Nightmare

Talk description

One of the main reason why there are lots of web vulnerabilities nowadays are because many developers are not trained or are not exposed to web security. This talk aims to provide a collection of common security mistakes that are found in web applications.

Topics covered ranges from design mistakes to implementation mistakes. Common security vulnerabilites like Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection will also be discussed. This talk would help attendees gain a better understanding of these issues and hopefully help them develop more secured applications. At the end, we will also discuss about security issues surrounding NoSQL databases.

Speaker profile

Jacob Soo - Head of Research and Analysis Team

Jacob’s responsibilities include analyzing malware and carrying out security research. He is also known for his work on Android Reversing. Here, he served as head of software security and was in charge of the malware analysis framework and is responsible for both monitoring the regional malware situation and in-depth analysis of cyber incidents.

Damian Ong - Senior Security Researcher, Research and Analysis Team

Damian is responsible for monitoring the malware threat landscape. He specializes in web security, malware, and threats which target Government systems, including phishing. He is involved in several innovative research projects, ranging from malware databases or honeypots to web crawlers.

Glenn Ng - Senior Security Researcher, Research and Analysis Team

Glenn is a specialist in cyber and advanced persistent threats and defense, penetration testing, malware landscape. He mostly focuses on reverse-engineering and in-depth analysis of contemporary advanced threats. His area of interest includes analysing exploits for Windows systems and embedded platforms.

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