Friday Hacks #106, January 29th

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For our second Friday Hacks of the semester, we’re having Chee Aun, a web developer, talking about the side projects.

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Date/Time: Friday, January 29th at 6:30pm
Venue: Video Conferencing Room (COM1-02-13), School of Computing, National University of Singapore
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Building side projects: the timeline, triggers and stages that every builder has to experience.


He’s built a lot of things. From small web applications to desktop applications. From small libraries to browser add-ons. From basic demo projects to web-based multiplayer games. Some of his interesting projects include: life (a timeline viewer), hackerweb (a readable HackerNews web app) and MooEditable (a simple web-based WYSIWYG editor). More of his projects here. More of his side projects adventures here.

Speaker Profile

Lim Chee Aun is a web developer from Malaysia, currently based in Singapore. He can design and code at same time, well, realistically one at a time. He dabbles around with mostly front-end technologies, always keeping up-to-date with the latest products, constantly learning new things and never stopping to build useful applications for himself and other people.

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NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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