Friday Hacks #107, February 12th

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For our third Friday Hacks of the semester, we’re having Eeshan and Shuvan, two PhD’s attempting to commercialize Li-Fi technology.

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Date/Time: Friday, February 12th at 6:30pm
Venue: Video Conferencing Room (COM1-02-13), School of Computing, National University of Singapore
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Secure, high-speed Wi-Fi using light-bulbs


Imagine converting every light-bulb around you into a secure, high-speed Wi-Fi router. This technology is known as visible light communication, or “Li-Fi”, and is an integral component in the future of wireless communication. Li-Fi has been around for a few years, but hasn’t yet reached the marketplace mainly because of its slow speed. At NUS, they have broken down this barrier by developing a plasmonic-enhanced LED bulb capable of streaming data up to 10x quicker than Wi-Fi. In this talk they will cover the basics of Li-Fi communication, their patented technology, and then open it up to the floor for a discussion.

Speaker Profile

Eeshan and (recently Dr.) Shuvan are a couple of PhD’s attempting to commercialize Li-Fi technology. Both are hackers at heart, and love to dismantle and reassemble just about any cool tech they can get their hands on. Eeshan is currently in the business school as part of his PhD/MBA program, learning the ropes of how to launch a successful enterprise, while Prashant is tinkering away in the lab coming up with the next big invention. Together, they started Kiranum Labs, a company specializing in the development of Li-Fi solutions for enterprise.

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