Friday Hacks #141, October 20

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Hey everyone! This week, we have Feng Yuan from GovTech who will be talking about data science for the public good and Mattheus who will be talking about C++ Template Metaprogramming. See you there!

Date/Time: Friday, October 20 at 6:30pm
Venue: The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Data Science for the Public Good

Talk Description:

Feng-Yuan will talk a bit more about the work that the Data Science Division does in enabling data to influence policy and operational decision making.

Speaker Profile

Feng-Yuan is Director of the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division at GovTech. He runs a multidisciplinary team of social scientists, data scientists, designers and software engineers to apply data-driven methods to solving public sector problems.

C++ Template Metaprogramming

Talk Description:

For some, the term “Template Metaprogramming” conjures up thoughts of complex and headache-inducing code. But it doesn’t have to be. This talk will provide a breadth-focused introduction of several commonly-used ideas in Template Metaprogramming through the following use cases:

  1. Compile-time evaluation/calculations
  2. Automatic selection of type of object to instantiate
  3. Overloading functions based of type groups/traits instead of individual types

This talk is aimed at users with experience in C++.

Speaker Profile

Mattheus is a Year 4 Mechanical Engineering Major and Computer Science Minor undergraduate. He enjoys discovering (and abusing) new features in programming languages, and then passing on that knowledge to others. He currently enjoys teaching beginner/intermediate programming, and is a TA for CS1010E (Programming Methodology) and CS1020E (Data Structures and Algorithms I) in NUS.

Supported by:

NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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