Friday Hacks #148, February 9

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Hi hackers! This week we have Arun Sivakumar and Xyriz Tan who would be talking about making a mobile chatbots, as well as Lu Jiahui who would be talking about applying Machine Learning in UAV.

Date/Time: Friday, February 9 at 6:30pm
Venue: Seminar Room 1, Town Plaza, University Town (UT22-02-04A)
Free pizza is served before the talks.

Mobile Chatbots

Talk Description:

An introduction about chatbots and then a run-though on how to create a simple mobile chat app that talks to a publicly available chatbot API. We will use Google DialogFlow and Microsoft QnA.

Speaker Profile

Arun Sivakumar - Software Engineer (iOS) at Circles.Life Arun is an enthusiastic software engineer and a constant learner, with extensive experience in: software engineering, design, and development. He is skilled in designing, architecting, and developing iOS apps. He is deeply passionate about coding, creative problem solving, UI/UX design, and machine learning.

Xyriz Tan - Android Developer (and more) at Circles.Life Xyriz is a software engineer that started his career path dabbling in native Android mobile app development, and is now moving on to learning more on what’s out there. He has keen interest on product design and possibly, internet entrepreneurship.

Using Recurrent Neural Networks in Anomaly Detection of Failures in UAV

Talk Description:

Military exercises are an expensive affair, but they are absolutely necessary in order keep our army operationally ready. When a UAV fails during exercises, the fleet is grounded until investigation is completed. This affects the realism of training and is undesirable. To shorten the investigatory process, we implemented an anomaly detector using recurrent neural networks to tell investigators during what time did the UAV exhibited erratic behaviors so that they do not have to look for a needle in the haystack.

Speaker Profile

Jia Hui is a principal data scientist with SAF and leads the SAF data college. He wandered into the field of data science by accident and hasn’t been able to find his way out yet.

Supported by:

NUS Enterprise

The HANGAR by NUS Enterprise — the campus hub for entrepreneurs.

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