Friday Hacks #166, January 25

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Friday Hacks is back for the new semester! Join us for the pizza, stay for the code and hacks, and leave with new friends and ideas.

Date/Time: Friday, January 25 at 7:00pm
Venue: LT15, AS6, NUS

Methods and Process in Building Experiential Features

Talk Description:

We discuss methods and processes in building experiential features using a feedback loop-based Continual Deployment Strategy. We will touch on how Autodesk has Scalable models and interesting solutions based on feedback, continuous deployment and hackathons.

Speaker Profile

Nagendra Bangalore is Director of Subscriber Platform Group at Autodesk Singapore Research & Development (ASRD). Member of ASRD Site Council, Nagendra leads the Digital Platform and Engineering Group. Prior to Autodesk, Nagendra was Director of Engineering at Adobe, Creative Cloud Engineering; and VP Engineering at Aurigo Software. Nagendra is an alum of Yale’s Global Executive Leadership Program, Class of 2017.

Encoding Images in Source 1 with Minimal Tokens

Talk Description:

We discuss how to encode and decode arbitrary colour images in a sublanguage of JavaScript called Source, used in CS1101S, the introductory programming module that all SoC CS freshmen take. Source 1 is a very limited subset of JavaScript, used as a teaching aid to avoid overwhelming those new to programming. It contains only pure functions and primitive operations; even the string methods are unavailable. In CS1101S, there is a competition where students write code that generates an image, using some provided helper functions. The score of each entry is determined by the number of votes, but there is a penalty based on the number of tokens in the code.

Speaker Profile

Uriel is a year 1 computer science student who took CS1101S in the previous semester. He is interested in algorithms and also does some hardware projects in his free time.

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