Friday Hacks #178, September 6: Building NUSMods and finding evil NPM packages

Posted on by Raynold Ng

Date/Time: Friday, Sep 6 at 7:00pm
Venue: Town Plaza Seminar Room 5, UTown, NUS

How we built NUSMods

Talk Description:

NUSModifications (NUSMods) started as a better way for students to plan their school timetables. Over time, features have been added to improve the lives of NUS students. We will share how we built NUSMods, present a high level overview of its architecture and give tips on how to contribute.

Speaker Profile

E-Liang is a coreteam member of NUSMods. He interned at Facebook in year 2 and is a foosball expert. Kai is also a coreteam member of NUSMods. He currently works at Zendesk but is not a foosball expert, yet.

How I discovered 19 NPM malicious packages

Talk Description:

Static analysis tools have proved to be useful to find vulnerabilities. This talk gives an introduction to static analysis and taint tracking, how to implement the algorithm and its effectiveness in finding vulnerabilities.

Speaker Profile

Tran Viet Quang is a final year Computer Engineering student specialising in Computer Security

Please RSVP at our Facebook event here if you are coming so we know how many people to cater for.

See you there!

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NUS Enterprise

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