Friday Hacks #189, Feb 14: Stream Processing, and Making Real-Time Games

Posted on by Chaitanya Baranwal

Date/Time: Friday, Feb 14 at 7:00pm
Venue: Town Plaza Seminar Room 5, UTown, NUS

Stream processing with Kafka Stream: How we handle 2 billions triggers a day

Talk Description

A trigger is a business rule defined to automatically perform some actions when specified conditions are satisfied. In this talk, we will present how we develop a new service with Kafka Stream handling 2 billions triggers a day.

Speaker Profile

Nguyen Truong Khanh is a staff software engineer at Zendesk, building reliable, scalable chat platform. Previously, he worked at Teralytics, Shopee, and Autodesk. Khanh holds a BS from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and did his PhD in Computer Science at NUS.

Making a Real-Time Game for the Mobile Browser

Talk Description

In CS3216, which is a software engineering module at NUS, we decided to build a multiplayer mobile game in weeks. In this talk, we explore technologies & engineering decisions that made it possible for us.

Speaker Profile

Julius is a Year 3 Computer Science student in NUS. He loves building software, and has an interest in distributed systems.

Please RSVP at our Facebook event here if you are coming so we know how many people to cater for.

See you there!

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