Hacker Tools: Web browser customisation, and online security and privacy

Posted on by Hao Wei

This workshop has ended; here are links to the materials and recording:

Date/Time: Tuesday, 6 Oct 2020, 18:30–20:30
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This week, we’re covering web, web browsers, security and privacy. Come learn how to enhance, customise and secure your web browsing experience with addons and userscripts, along with some cool web APIs that you can use. We’ll then cover some tips and principles for security and privacy, including full-disk encryption and password managers.

There are no software prerequisites this week. The software introduced in the workshop are small enough to download during the workshop itself.

For security and safety reasons, the Zoom link will not be published publicly. Please register here to attend this workshop.

This workshop is largely based on the Missing Semester of Your CS Education lecture series conducted in MIT. This week’s topic is based on https://missing.csail.mit.edu/2019/web/ and https://missing.csail.mit.edu/2020/security/.

See you there!

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