Friday Hacks #196, October 23

Posted on by Chaitanya Baranwal

Date/Time: Friday, October 23 at 7:00pm
Venue: Online on Zoom
Zoom Link:

A Look Under the Hood of Stripe.js

Talk Description:

Stripe.js are pre-built UI elements that abstract away the complexity of integrating with complex payment methods, easing integration experience for developers. In this talk, I will share about the workings of Stripe.js, and explain the design considerations that were made in creating this library.

Speaker Profile:

Ankita works as a Software Engineer at Stripe, working on building global payments infrastructure. She enjoys working on both front-end and back-end technologies as a part of her work. Her interests involve web development, distributed systems, data pipelines, and infrastructure management.

A Brief Tour of CPython Internals

Talk Description:

Python is the language for Leetcode interviews. Supposedly, not knowing the difference between b=a and b=a[:] could cost you a job. Despite its perceived importance, what lies within the language is a mystery for most. In this talk, we plan to give a tour of common features of Python and how they are implemented: For instance, Garbage Collection, the Global Interpreter Lock, and parts of the Standard Library. We will also introduce the disassembler and use it to inspect the behaviour of a few short programs.

Speaker Profile:

Joel is a Master’s in Statistics student from the National University of Singapore. He was previously a member of NUS Hackers during his time as an undergrad at the School of Computing. He is an avid user of Python and has used it for a few years. In his free time he enjoys learning languages like Spanish and Elixir.

See you there!

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