Hacker Tools: LaTeX

Posted on by Hao Wei

This workshop has ended; here are links to the materials and recording:

Date/Time: Tuesday, 3 Nov 2020, 18:30–20:30
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This week, we’ll be introducing the well-known LaTeX document preparation system used widely across fields to prepare high-quality documents, papers, notes, journals, books, slides, cheatsheets, resumes, and so on. Come learn this invaluable tool that will let you create beautiful documents and impress your readers.

Please have TeX and TeXstudio installed before the workshop. You can install either MiKTeX or TeX Live, depending on your OS. If in doubt:


For security and safety reasons, the Zoom link will not be published publicly. Please register here to attend this workshop.

This workshop is largely based on the Missing Semester of Your CS Education lecture series conducted in MIT. This week’s topic is our own addition, not based on any topic in the original series.

See you there!

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