Friday Hacks #251, February 2

Posted on by Wong Kok Rui

Date/Time: Friday, February 2 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: Online on Zoom
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here

Friday Hacks #251 Poster

1) Multiplayer Game Programming with Mirror

Learn the basics of making a multiplayer game using the Mirror library for Unity, choosing network protocols, ensuring application security and more!

Speaker Profile

Saulius is a Master’s student at the University of Leeds, studying Computer Science and specializing in game development, and has developed a few multiplayer games of his own.

2) Hack&Roll 2024 Winning Game Projects

This week, we’re featuring some of the most awesome game projects created within the short span of Hack&Roll 2024!

Speaker Profile

Calvin Fong is part of the team that created Hack&Roll 2024’s Most Entertaining Hack. He and his teammates Drustan Yeo, Ma Ze Xuan, and Tan Guan Quan created the game Zoom Boxing.

Santasila Bryan Kusno and Ella Yovita Suwibowo are part of a team that won Top 8 at Hack&Roll 2024. They and their teammates Anabelle Kyra and Tan En-miin Elizabeth created the game Sign Racer.

👋 See you there!

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