Friday Hacks #252, February 16

Posted on by Wong Kok Rui

Date/Time: Friday, February 16 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: COM3-01-20 Seminar Room 11
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here

Food πŸ• and Drinks πŸ§‹ will be served!

Friday Hacks #252 Poster 1
Friday Hacks #252 Poster 2

More Hack&Roll 2024 Winning Projects!

This week, we’re featuring more of our awesome winning projects from Hack&Roll 2024!

1. speedruNUS

speedruNUS is a Telegram bot that ranks all CS / CU modules for you to choose from after an interactive personality quiz to allow you to graduate without stress! speedruNUS was made by Tan Yi Guan, Kleon Ang, and Kenneth Hong and was a Top 8 Project at Hack&Roll 2024!

2. Luna AI

Luna AI is a multilingual voice agent for government services, answering queries for the public and helping call centre professionals edit information and identify customers who require help. Luna AI was made by Ching Ming Yuan, Ryan Loh, Yong Khee Hou, and Benjamin Christopher Toh and was a Top 8 Project at Hack&Roll 2024!

3. Cod Captcha

Captchas are the most annoying part of browsing the internet. However, with Cod Captcha, we have created a solution to this problem by making and it even MUCH HARDER than it needs to be! Cod Captcha was made by Addison Chua, Yee Jia Chen, and Jimmy Lew and was a Top 8 Project at Hack&Roll 2024!

4. Brainrot Plus

Brainrot Plus takes a piece of text, whether it’s lecture notes, book chapters, or complex concepts, and utilizes AI to transform it into easy-to-understand reels. Brainrot Plus was made by Javier Lim, Justin Lim, Loy Juncheng, and Lin Yicheng and was a Top 8 Project at Hack&Roll 2024!

πŸ‘‹ See you there!

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