Friday Hacks #253, February 23: On Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and MySQL Internals

Posted on by Wong Kok Rui

Date/Time: Friday, February 23 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: COM3-01-20 Seminar Room 11
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here

Food 🍕 and Drinks 🧋 will be served!

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1) Arbitrage in Crypto: MEV Attacks

Unlike the financial markets, arbitrage is not (yet) outlawed in decentralized finance. In this talk, Chien Hao will explain the technical details of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) and how the scene has evolved throughout the years. Topics include MEV-boost, Flashbots, flashloans, sandwich attacks, and oracles. He will share anecdotes from his research at an undisclosed crypto trading firm. No prior knowledge is required for this talk!

Speaker Profile

Chien Hao is a retired competitive programmer who is now part of a small team of MEV searchers. He has special interest in cross-chain long tail market inefficiencies and smart contract security. He welcomes questions and discussions about crypto @tch1001

2) MySQL Internals

This talk takes a dive into the architecture of MySQL’s InnoDB storage engine. From in memory and on disk structures to the various locking strategies used to provide transactions, this talk aims to let you understand why your queries might be running slower than you’d expect.

Speaker Profile

Omer Iqbal is a Tech Lead Manager at Tiktok, who is a full stack engineer with a passion for building scalable distributed systems and optimizing system performance. He gets very excited in discussions around distributed consensus, Rust, Kubernetes, networking, functional programming, compilers, GPUs, media codecs and mobile app development.

👋 See you there!

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