Friday Hacks #243, September 8

Posted on by Parth Gujar

Date/Time: Friday, September 8 at 7:00pm SGT
Venue: Level 1 Auditorium @ i3 Building
Sign-up Link: Sign-up here

Food 🍕 will be served!

If you are unable to come join us physically, you are welcome to join us online!

Friday Hacks #243 Poster

1) Engineering for Latency, Technical Hurdles in Automated Trading

In this session, engineers from HRT will discuss the importance of latency, and share some technologies and techniques used to minimize latency in the critical path.

Speaker Profiles

  1. Pranav Chowdhary, Algo Developer
  2. Pierre Moschetta, Trading Tech
  3. Nonie Politi, FPGA Developer

2) Kubernetes: Its Simpler Than You Think!

Kubernetes is a complex system, but using Kubernetes is not hard. I’ll be going through the principles of Kubernetes, including networking and storage, and when to use and not to use Kubernetes. This talk assumes an understanding of computer networks.

Speaker Profile

Ambrose is a DevOps enthusiast and a software engineer and an IoT cybersecurity company.

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